About Us

Kinnes Shipping Ltd. is a ships agency and freight forwarding company based in Dundee on the East coast of Scotland. Today the company is a modern and forward thinking agency servicing customers and vessels throughout the UK.  With roots embedded deep in the whaling and jute industries of Dundee’s maritime past, we continue to provide a first class service to vessels up and down the country.

The company Kinnes Shipping Ltd. we know today can be traced back to the days of sail with Robert Kinnes and Sons founded in 1883 as a trading company of the Tay Whale Fishing Co. Ltd and Captain Charles Barrie a veteran sailor who started his own ship management office in 1881 on returning to Dundee after a successful career at sea. In 1966 Charles Barrie and Sons merged with B.L. Nairn a shipowner in Dundee to form Barrie and Nairn.

In 1999 Jill and Graeme Whittick of Barrie and Nairn bought Kinnes Shipping and merged the companies, maintaining the link between modern shipping and historic that has lasted over 130 years.